"We were spending a lot of money to host this pan-European site on a commercial server. Drew was able to replicate the site and move the hosting to a much cheaper alternative. "

“Having someone to go to for help in maintaining our family and ministry web site saves us a lot of time and stress."

-Tom Barlow

“Drew’s expertise in site management helped us re-vamp our simple church web site and take it to the next level.”

"We use the website mainly to have a place to send people when we pass out flyers and other info. It is a good way for people to connect with us when they get a flyer through the post. Everyone seems to communicate through the web these days and not make too many phone calls, so it is a good way for interested people to contact us."

The café website is especially helpful as an ongoing tool to keep the "regulars" informed about events and schedules. The fact that it can be updated regularly is a huge help. I think it is also reassuring to people concerning our goals and reason for being. Thanks Drew!



The Château website has really been in need of an update, to make it more attractive, and to add some much-needed features. Drew has been a huge help to us - allowing us to put together something that we would probably not have been able to afford otherwise. His flexible schedule has also been a blessing, and we've really appreciated his patience with us, as we work through what we're looking for. Drew's work on this is really moving the Château forward, giving us a more professional presence on the web, which helps to fill the Château with people for our various outreach/training/equipping events, as well as other Christian groups - which in the end, is what it's all about.

-Jay Hocking


The support ministry which Drew (and Catey) do in the background - by making their web expertise available to Encompass staff in Europe - is really important. So many of our staff know they need to do more to have a web presence and use communication media as effectively as possible. But time demands often make it difficult to learn the skills to put together a good web site or presentation. The Etners provide this key ministry - and do it with joy and energy from behind the scenes. It rarely gets noticed but it is quite important.


I know the pastor of the Dijon Grace Brethren Church in France feels that way. Drew worked hard to get their café site up and running - and he spends time regularly to add new features and refine what is there. Franck would never have the time to give to it - and Drew can do it more efficiently.


Drew has also helped us with our personal ministry site - on technical stuff I didn't know how to do. And he is working with other Europe staff to refine, improve or launch new sites.