The purpose of the Europe Web Design & Communications Ministry is to build up the ministries of Encompass World Partners Europe Ministry Family by providing Web Design and Communications services at NO cost. This is made possible by the support of donors. This ministry is designed to remove the headache and stress of a needed component for ministries in the internet age. The internet is a communication tool that helps ministries be relevant to society, while providing a practical tool to share information and keep participants informed.

Leading this ministry is in answer to the Regional Director for Encompass World Partners Europe's plea for a web designer for the Europe team. The Regional Director has communicated that the ministries in Europe do not have the time or knowledge to build and maintain quality web sites.

Responsibilities to the Europe team include communicating with members about building web sites, maintaining web sites, and implementing other technologies.

Objectives are as follows:

  1. Web Site Development & Maintenance –the primary focus is to acquire new sites, build current projects, and maintain them.
  2. US Ministry Preparation – this objective is to assist Europe-based teammates in preparation for US Ministries with their technology needs (i.e. video, PowerPoint, audio, etc.).   This may include connecting with their supporting churches to find out what they may need to think through as far as technology prior to visiting.
  3. Technology Tools List/Best Practices –  there is a goal to develop a list of technology tools and best practices for using technology.