We have a heart for missions and a heart for doing the ministry God is calling us to do.  Early in our marriage, we were hoping God was calling us back to Paris.  Unfortunately, we were shoving all the doors open while He was graciously closing them.  Once we allowed for Him to let them slam shut in our faces, we witnessed God lovingly opening a window . . . a window to minister to the Encompass missionaries in Europe through web design.  Drew would do it all for free if his family was still cared for and fed.  For now, we rely on people like you to generously give and fervently pray for us, the missionaries, and the immense field in Europe.  
If you would like to hear more about this ministry, we would love to chat with you more over dinner. Catey makes some pretty amazing quiches . . . 
In His Name for His Glory,
Drew & Catey Etner
P.S. Put simply, we have a heart for the field and for not for profit work.  If you know of a church, a missionary, or an organization that needs a website and is not affiliated with the Europe Encompass team, please direct them here to us.  We design, build, and maintain websites at a very low cost as a part of our own personal ministry.